über-cool birdhouse

CCTV BirdhouseI love this birdhouse!

I was browsing the web to see what was out there in the way of birdhouse designs that might be compatible with a home that doesn’t aspire to look like it was built in the 14th century. A few screens into the results, out popped this design by Dennis Clasen that’s being merchandised by Manufaktum in Switzerland [ catalog page ]. Apparently the designed debuted at the 2008 Design Biennale in Saint Ettiene, France.

A birdhouse masquerading as a closed-circuit TV camera: Yeah, it’s fun and funny. But to me it seems to be a bit of social commentary, something about our lives these days that are subject to continuous surveillance and how people seem to be willing to give up their liberties in the name of something they perceive as security.

Or maybe I’m over-interpreting and it’s just a funny little birdhouse?

7 thoughts on “über-cool birdhouse”

  1. I can’t decide if I like it or not, James. On the one hand, its design amuses me; on the other hand, it does remind me of the ever present intrusion of cameras into our lives. But it’s a fun post, nonetheless.

  2. At 115 SF (pretty close to the same thin in dollars), you’d probably be better of trying to get a used video surveillance camera and convert it to a bird house ;->

    Now here’s an idea for a new business!

  3. Jodi, it’s definitely not just another cute birdhouse! I think people make gardens for various reasons, and if you want it to be a retreat from the world outside, this might seem like an intrusion from beyond.

    Jim, exactly–how can the world get by without irony and silliness?

    Pam, birdhouses seem to be a standard part of garden decor, but I wonder how many of them actually manage to attract birds. I’ve had another metal birdhouse that someone gave me years ago. Cute for sure, but I never saw a bird near it.

    TM, I’m sure there are thousands of used surveillance cams out there screaming to be recycled. Birdhouses, vases, doorstops…I’m sure there’s a new life for them.

  4. I am just as sure there are lots of surveillance cams that are used as birdhouses, whether the owners like it or not. They are resourceful little boogers.

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