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This is mostly a historical blog project by James SOE NYUN, but is mounted here with the hope that some of the content is useful. You’re welcome to continue commenting, and I’ll still be moderating the pages when I can. If you’re accessing this page on a mobile device you may need to click the “hamburger button” to expand the menu option for the blog postings (“[ blog ]”). Or you can search for specific content in the search box.

There’s a lot of general information on California native plants. Note that the scientific names of many of the plants changed with the most recent update of the Jepson Manual, the main flora used to describe and identify California plants. I will go through some of the older posts to modernize some of the names, but that will take a little time. I’m not a total expert on the names or the plants themselves, but I tried to be as accurate as I could be.

I also posted on things going on in my garden, my trips out to the wilds, some of my art-making, as well as various cultural outings. I also tried to look at the social place occupied by plants and nature, and I occasionally came out with a post that caused some, er, discussion, such as the post on culturally insensitive plant names. Even though the main content is locked back in the 200s and 2010s please feel free to continue any discussions that you would like to join. Also, if I’ve really messed up some facts I’ll definitely entertain revising the main content.

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