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bee swarm!

There was a e-mail that went out this afternoon at work: the bees are swarming. And they’re swarming on a window, not some more appropriate opening in a log. Of course I had to check it out.

Armed with my crappy cellphone camera and protected by only half an inch of plate glass I braved the downstairs of my building where the bees were swarming to bring you these photos.

Here’s the swarm from the side you don’t ordinarily see. If Hello Kitty were made out of live bees she would look something like this.

The lighting and reflections didn’t help make for good photos. I think this might be a better self-portrait than a picture of the swarm…

I wasn’t the only picture taker out this afternoon–something you can see in this shot if you look close enough.

And being on the back-side you could get a pretty close look at the colony.

Crappy photos but pretty cool event, huh?