sharing with the birds

I don’t deadhead every flowering plant in the garden–That would drive me crazy! Besides there are plants that produce seeds that keep the local bird population happy, and many of these plants are annuals that would only come back next year from seed.

Lettuce going to seed

There are some lettuce plants that I’ve been letting go to seed for the last decade or so. I put up with some slightly scrappy looking plants for a month or so. But there are some little yellow-green finches that descend on the vegetable garden, making a most excellent squawking racket. And when the weather turns cool again, there’s a nice little collection of baby lettuces, all from seed, some plants for the salad plate, some to make more seeds for the birds.

2 thoughts on “sharing with the birds”

  1. Ditto. I even leave some interesting weeds, like pokeweed. The birds like it because it has pretty purple berries. I love it when I can turn procrastination into a virtue!

  2. If we had it I might let it fruit too–The wikipedia pictures are actually pretty flattering, and the writeup makes it sound sooooooo versatile: “can be used as food, medicine or poison…”

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