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Come make history this weekend: Here’s your chance to join the inaugural native plant garden tour for the San Diego chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

Two days, 27 gardens, native plants, cool gardens, big gardens, small gardens, residential gardens, gardens for an art institute–you name it!

Get more information [ here ]

I’ll be helping with docent duties on Saturday the 28th at a residential garden in Lemon Grove that should be a great real-world demonstration of what you can do with native plants without having multiple acres that extend out with views that stretch to the edge of the continent. (I think that describes many of our gardens.)

I hope to see a few of you there! I’ll be wearing a t-shirt with this photo on it. Others may be wearing one too, so not everyone wearing this tee can discuss garden blogging with you. But the ones who are docents should be able to tell you plenty about the great plants in all the gardens.

5 thoughts on “san diego county native garden tour exclamation point”

  1. Jim, it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. Thank you for volunteering your time in my garden. I hope you enjoyed the gardens on Sunday.

  2. David, I took some pics for you since you can’t be there…

    Ricki, just imagine how life would be if you’d become a gardener down here–all the different plants you’d have had a chance to grow. Different plants with different lessons to teach…

    TM, as you can see, yes! to the photos! I went 6 hours without a break–I should have listened to you. At least I had my water bottle with me.

    Mary, hey, it was great meeting you and getting to share your wonderful garden! I saw some huge gardens the following day but nothing with the welcoming, enveloping feel that yours had. You have a special place, and I’m glad you decided to share it with the rest of us.

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