halloween hostess bouquet

What do you take to the Halloween party when you know the hosts will have everything taken care of?

Hostess present of sarracenia pitchers

Here’s my solution for tonight: a bouquet of carnivorous plant pitchers from the backyard bog garden. Shown here are two Sarrecenia leucophyllas, S. alata, and the hybrid S. Judith Hindle.

It was either those or a bloom of the stinking corpse flower, which unfortunately is between flowers. Besides, it’s probably better etiquette, even on Halloween, to show up with a bouquet of pretty but slightly creepy pitchers than a mammoth blossom that smells like carrion…

6 thoughts on “halloween hostess bouquet”

    1. The are actually the leaves of the plants and they should last lots longer than most flowers. In the wild, collection of pitchers for the florist’s trade is listed as being a reason for why some species are dwindling. But the massive habitat loss–97.5% by at least one estimate–is definitely reason #1.

  1. Yeah, just keep the carniverous stuff small, James. I have navigated through life without being eaten so far. Lord knows how that happened.

  2. Hello,

    I stumbled upon this blog while searching for images of Lomandra longifolia Breeze and discovered that you and I share a love of spiky plants like lomandra and NZ Red flax. I also posted about scarey plants for Halloween, except I chose the Bat Plant and the Venus Flytrap.

    Nice blog!

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