anagrams for darwin day

The bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin (on February 12, 1809) is approaching. How many other people have contributed more to our understanding of natural history? I say, it’s something to celebrate!

Here are some botanical-themed anagrams using the letters of his name. They were generated using the Internet Anagram Server, a totally magnificent way to waste spend your waking hours. (With 7974 anagrams to choose from I’ve probably missed a few other choice ones.)

The first one is so concise and poetic it makes haiku look verbose.

Larch rains dew

Larch aids wren

Earl wins chard

Lawn ires chard

Car: “I shred lawn”

…and last but not least:

Red lawn chairs

[ Image to the right from the Cedar Chair Store website ]

5 thoughts on “anagrams for darwin day”

  1. Oh, I enjoyed these! Of course, you realize to some, our good Darwin is little better than the spawn-of-Satan for his theories. Yes, even to this day. Some, apparently, never evolve. 😉

    1. Jim, oh, groan…

      There are those occasional days when finishing up a post can take some effort…

      Jodi, I’m glad you enjoyed them! I’m surprised that the reaction to Darwin can be as virulent as it was 150 years ago. For me, though, he’s such a hero. I can’t imagine looking at the world without seeing it through his eyes.

  2. Thanks! Now let’s hope it will really rain this weekend so I can play Anagram and won’t be tempted to go out in the garden… Never heard about that site! Very cool!

    1. Mouse, it’s raining here, sortof. Hopefully you get some up your way. Your plants could use it, and the gardener could stand some serious anagram time. Try putting in the Latin names of your favorite plants or something like that. Enjoy!

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