a garden sun-catcher


Here’s a sculpture that sits outside the kitchen window. Made out of chunks of colored glass that have been mortared into a steel frame, it’s perky all day long. But when the light casts the perky shadows on the wall behind it, the sculpture turns into a bright celebration of the afternoon sunlight.

John used to work with Diane Dandeneau, the artist who created this sculpture as a prototype for a some outdoor objects she was interested in making.


Where you put a piece of art in the garden is almost as important as the piece you select. Diane’s sculpture is currently set against a greenhouse wall, which is a pretty busy background and doesn’t really do it justice. But until we find the perfect spot, we can still enjoy, either when we’re near it in the garden, or while we’re looking out the window.

3 thoughts on “a garden sun-catcher”

  1. Beautiful!

    What would be the perfect spot? Is the idea to enjoy the colors reflected onto something (such as a wall) or just to see th piece glowing (like a stained glass window)? Or either? Or both?

  2. Susan, where it is now lets you see the colored shadows, but doesn’t let you look towards the sun (the stained glass effect) which is nice as well. Rotated 90 degrees and against a plain wall would be great–letting you see both shadows and transmitted light, though you wouldn’t be able to see it as well from inside the house. So many variables…

  3. It is wonderful! I created two of these myself for my garden and I can view one of them from my kitchen window and I get happy each time I see it. I know exactly how you feel! I like the chunky glass style very much.

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