california native plant week

Darlingtonia californica growing at California Carnivores.

You may have heard already, but if not I wanted to relay some great news about the passing this week of ACT 173, a bill that would declare the third week of April California Native Plant Week. The legislature has been deadlocked over the state budget and I was worrying this bill would get stalled along with everything else. But such was not the case–Yay!

Our state flower: California poppy, Escholzia californica, shown in its coastal form.

If you’re into reading documents containing lots of “whereas-es” you can view the full resolution [ here ].

April is high bloom season for a lot of the natives, so it should be a great time of year to spread the word about California natives.

7 thoughts on “california native plant week”

  1. Great news! Time for native flora to get more publicity. Seems most people don’t even know their state tree or flower. I think there should be a federal holiday for native plants–could get into that way better than say, Colombus Day.

  2. Cool – I’m wondering what happens during California Native Plant Week? – Answer, I suppose, is: whatever we make up. I could put some display on our neighborhood noticeboard, I guess, and at work. Offer a few plants for sharing. Be interesting to see what events people are planning around our locale.

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