Below is a partial list of all the North American pitcher plants (Sarracenia) that I’ve grown. I’ve killed “a few” of them, and there are quite a number I haven’t added yet, most of them seedlings approaching maturity, waiting for me to decide whether to keep them in the collection. The year 2014 has been brutal, with an attack of what I’m calling the “Saccarecina ebola,” with major plant-loss in one of my beds. I’ll be doing the sad job of updating this list soon…

While I don’t actively propagate divisions, I always have a few duplicates that I’m willing to trade. Some of my current wants: most anthocyanin-free species and hybrids, colorful or heavily-windowed S. minor clones (the type species, not so much the okefenokensis variety), S. alata…

Clone Num­ber
Date Acquired
Plant Name
x-001Super Green GiantCal­i­for­nia Carnivores
x-002Ahle­sii #2Wes Buck­ner
x-003Dixie LaceeBay
x-004a-bMitchel­liana, typ­i­cal leuco x pur­purea pur­purea hetorophyllaJerry Adding­ton, with Karen Oudean
x-005a-bMitchel­liana, red leuco x pur­purea pur­purea hetorophyllaJerry Adding­ton, with Karen Oudean
x-006(Oreo x Flava) x PurpWes Buck­ner
x-007(Gilpini x Rubra) x Minor OkeeWes Buck­ner
x-008(Flava Ornata x Flava Rugelli) x MitchellianaMike Wang
x-0091202Rubra Jone­sii Antho-Free x Minor OkeeWes Buck­ner
x-010Judith Hin­dle, pos­si­ble short mutationTrader Joe’s
x-011moorei ‘Red Sumatra’Car­niv­o­rous Plant Nurs­ery, MD
x-012moorei ‘Leah Wilkerson’Wes Buck­ner
x-013moorei ‘Adrian Slack Imposter’Wes Buck­ner
x-014W.C.Karen Oudean
x-015Mardi GraseBay
x-016Night SkyWes Buck­ner
x-017Excel­lensCar­niv­o­rous Plant Nurs­ery, MD
x-018John SmithMead­owview
x-019Daina’s DelightCar­niv­o­rous Plant Con­nec­tion (Josh Lynch)
x-020(x excel­lens x flava max­ima) x leucophyllaMike Wang
x-021(alata, black x flava, red) “Max”Josh Lynch
x-022(Bug Bat x Diane Whit­taker), 7 clonesRob Co
x-023a-bb-1202((pur­purea ssp. pupurea x jone­sii) x (leu­co­phylla x rubra ssp. gulfen­sis)) AFRob Co
x-024(alata x minor)Mead­owview
x-025(alata x oreophila), 2 plantsMead­owview
x-026(rosea x pur­purea pur­purea het­ero­phylla) “North”Mead­owview
x-027(rosea x pur­purea pur­purea het­ero­phylla) “South”Mead­owview
x-028(flava x oreophila)Mead­owview
x-029Cop­per VaseWes Buck­ner
x-0301107for­mosa (psittacina, Bay County x Minor okeefenokensis)Dean Cook
x-0311107Umlauf­tianaDean Cook
x-0321107(cour­tii, north­ern x alabamensis)Dean Cook
x-0331107cour­tii (psittacina, Bay County x pur­purea var. venosa)Dean Cook
x-0341107pur­purea het­ero­phylla x (leuco x jone­sii green)Dean Cook
x-0351107Hummer’s Ham­mer­headDean Cook
x-0361107mitchel­liana, AFDean Cook
x-0371111Excel­lens (leu­co­phylla, red x minor okefenokensisMike Wang
x-0381202(Black Widow x flava rubricorpa)Rob Co
x-039a-b1202(cour­tii, a.f. x The Green Monster)Rob Co
x-40a-b1202(Golden Red Jubilee x pur­purea venosa)Rob Co
x-0411202Vic­to­ria MorleyWes Buck­ner
x-0421202AvatarWes Buck­ner
x-0431202FlashWes Buck­ner
x-0441202Rep­til­ian RoseWes Buck­ner
x-0451202cates­baei “Fly­ing Nun”Wes Buck­ner
x-0461202Sky WatcherWes Buck­ner
x-0471202(Rubra Gulfen­sis x Purp Heterophylla)Wes Buck­ner
x-0481202cour­tii, a.f.Wes Buck­ner
x-0491202Manny Her­reraWes Buck­ner
x-0501202Brooks HybridWes Buck­ner
x-0511202The Green MonsterMead­owview
x-0521202Red ViperMead­owview
(leu­co­phylla HCW x rosea)Brooks Gar­cia
(leuco x rubra jone­sii) x Bud’s Golden Boy (moorei ingression)Brooks Gar­cia
(‘Leah Wilk­er­son’ x xmoorei “Rasp­berry Sundae”)Brooks Gar­cia
(are­o­lata ‘Pink Cir­cle’ x rosea luteola)Brooks Gar­cia
(Melanorhoda, Trif­fid Park x rosea luteola)Brooks Gar­cia
(Godzuki x ((flava x oreophila) x flava rugelli)Rob Co
(cour­tii, a.f. x Green Monster)Rob Co
(Golden-Red Jubilee x pur­purea ssp. purpurea)Rob Co
A-002alata, red, Stone County MSMike Wang
A-003alata “nigra­pur­purea”Mike Wang
A-004alata ‘Night’Mike Wang
A-005alata, yel­low, Sam Rey­burn Reser­voir, TxMike Wang
A-006alata, Stone County MS, MW clone A (same as A-002?)Mike Wang
A-007alata, vein­less, 2 plantsMead­owview
A-008alata, “Orange Sunset”Wes Buck­ner
A-009121128alata nigra purpureaMike Wang
A-010121128alata, red, Stone County MS (same as A-002?)Mike Wang
A-011121128alata, Perry County, MSMike Wang
F-001flava, “red form” (var. cuprea? Cal Carnivores)Cal­i­for­nia Carnivores
F-002flava ‘Black Veins’ (Don Elkins clone)Wes Buck­ner
F-003flava var. ornata ‘Killer’Wes Buck­ner
F-004flava var. maximaKaren Oudean
F-005flava var. rubricorpaCar­niv­o­rous Plant Nurs­ery, MD
F-006flava ‘Wide Mouth’Karen Oudean
F-007flava “bronze”Mike Wang
F-008flava var. rugelli F1, Mike WangMike Wang
F-009flava var. cuprea F1, Mike WangMike Wang
F-010flava var. rugelli JL403Josh Lynch
F-011flava var. ornata LW5Josh Lynch
F-012flava JL407 cuprea-maxima intergradeJosh Lynch
F-013flava atrop­ur­pureaMike Wang
F-014flava ornata “Black Veins” Bul­loch Cty, Ga. MW: SFL05AMike Wang
F-015flava rubri­corpa, Lib­erty County FL, MW clone LMike Wang
F-0161111flava var. ornata, Prince George CountyMike Wang
F-0171202flava “Poc­a­hon­tas”Wes Buck­ner
F-018121128flava, bronzeMike Wang
F-019121128flava var. rubri­corpa, Lib­erty County, FL., F1Mike Wang
L-001leu­co­phylla ‘Tarnok’eBay
L-002leu­co­phylla ‘Burgundy’Mead­owview
L-003leu­co­phylla, a. f. green, Don Scholl cloneMead­owview
L-004leu­co­phylla ‘Petite Red’ (Near Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida)Wes Buck­ner
L-005leu­co­phylla ‘Gar­con Point C’ (Sun­belle Exotics clone)Wes Buck­ner
L-006leu­co­phylla, Dark Red, Franklin County, FloridaWes Buck­ner
L-007leu­co­phylla ‘Super Swamp Ghost’Car­niv­o­rous Plant Connection
L-008leu­co­phylla ‘Hur­ri­cane Creek White’, 3 plantsMike Wang
L-009leu­co­phylla, Hot Pink, BotaniqueMike Wang
L-010leu­co­phylla ‘Schnell’s Ghost’Mike Wang
M-002Aminor var. oke­feno­keen­sis, F1, Mike WangMike Wang
M-002Bminor var. oke­feno­keen­sis, F1, Mike WangMike Wang
M-0031111minor var. oke­feno­ken­sis, clump­ing clone, Ware County, GAMike Wang
M-0041111minor var. oke­feno­ken­sis, clone 1, Ware County, GAMike Wang
M-0051111minor var. oke­feno­ken­sis, clone C, Ware County, GAMike Wang
O-001oreophila “Alabama”Mike Wang
O-002oreophila, Sand Moun­tain MW clone A (x 2)Mike Wang
O-003oreophila, MW clone 4Mike Wang
O-0041111oreophila “Alabama”Mike Wang
O-005121128oreophila var. ornata, UC Berke­ley cloneMike Wang
0–006121128oreophila, Sand Moun­tain MW clone CMike Wang
Ps-001psittacina, giant form, Oke­feno­kee SwampKaren Oudean
Ps-002psittacina, red, Lois Ochs (seed grown, Cal­houn Co. Fl.?)Lois Ochs
Ps-0031107psittacina a.f. (‘Green Rosette’)Robert Nae­mura
Ps-0041111psittacina ‘large red’ Cal­houne Co, FLMike Wang
Pu-001pur­purea ssp. venosa var. montanaCar­niv­o­rous Plant Con­nec­tion (Josh Lynch)
Pu-002pur­purea ssp. pur­purea f. heterophyllaMike Wang
Pu-0031107pur­purea ssp. venosaDean Cook
R-001roseaJerry Adding­ton with Karen Oudean
R-0021107rosea f. luteolaRobert Nae­mura
AlAl-001alaba­men­sis var. alabamensisMead­owview
AlAl-002alaba­men­sis var. alaba­men­sis, CC cloneMike Wang
AlW-001alaba­men­sis var. wher­ryi, Chatom Giant, redMike Wang
AlW-002alaba­men­sis var. wher­ryi, bronze, Mike Wang cloneMike Wang
Rg-001rubra var. gulfen­sis, a.f. green, Jim Bock­owski clone (x 2)Mead­owview
Rg-002rubra var. gulfen­sis, select red form, Crestview, FLMike Wang
Rr-001rubra var. rubra, long lidMike Wang
J-001jone­sii, a.f. greenMead­owview
Ra-001rubra, ances­tral formKaren Oudean

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